Dental crowns and bridges

A dental crown sits like a shell cemented onto your real tooth and is used for a variety of reasons, including:

  • För att återställa en trasig, sprucken eller sliten tand
  • Att täcka och stärka en tand som är svag eller har en stor fyllning
  • För att täcka ett tandimplantat
  • För att förbättra estetiska utseende

Placement of dental crowns

Usually, the placement of the dental crown is carried out within two appointments. During the first visit, Alaleh will examine the affected tooth and gums, take x-rays to assess the extent of the damage. Any decay or damage will be removed and the tooth reduced to the required dimensions. An impression of the tooth will then be taken, a temporary crown will be placed to protect the tooth until it is replaced by the permanent crown. The second visit is devoted to crown placement.

Porcelain is the most popular choice for the crown material due to its durability and texture and color that can be perfectly matched to your natural teeth. The advantages of our dental crowns and bridges The biggest benefit of dental crowns and bridges is your healthy, natural and attractive smile. Having broken or missing teeth not only affects your appearance but also your ability to chew food and speak properly. With a dental crown, you will be able to save, protect and strengthen a damaged tooth. Dental crowns and bridges at our clinic look and feel natural and meet the highest quality standards.